Come on in, the Shopping’s Fine!

The success of shopping online has caught many economists by surprise.  No one could have predicted how popular it would become, and early adopters did little to convince hard line brick-and-mortarites (yes, that’s a term I’ve just made up) that it was safe to venture into the murky waters of the website store where you put items into a virtual shopping cart then had to enter your personal credit card account number, complete with expiration date and the three-digit code found on the back (“what is that?” they still ask) then hit “send or buy.”  You can’t blame those who held back for a half decade or so because the news was full of internet security breaches and the constant stories on the nightly news about identify theft offered no solution whatsoever.  Let’s face it, it’s still a tough sell, but those who sat on their credit cards longer than others are finally coming around, and marvel at the speed and ease of buying everything from cars to ingredients for a four-course dinner online.

Enter Groupon, and the online shopping experience gets even better.  By perusing the Groupon site first, you can usually find several deals that will save you money just for applying the corresponding code to your purchase.  And everybody wants in on the game. Take a high-end company like outdoors gear maker Columbia, there’s a Groupon for that company that you can use right now and save some serious cash on the purchase of some of their best-selling items.  They pioneered the development of material that dries faster and keeps you warmer so you enjoy fishing and running in otherwise wet conditions.

Now that summer is here, if you’re wondering what to get the sports enthusiast in your life who enjoys the outdoor water activities like sport fishing or performance fishing, shop Groupon and take advantage of coupon deals that offer up to 50% off selected Columbia merchandise and more off selected sportwear items.   You’ll find that shopping online is easy and secure.  Groupons are as easy to use as tapping the app on your smart phone.  There’s no club to join or subscription service to pay monthly.  You just select the deal you want to use and go.